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A Letter to my wife

Ps Elvis and Lady Ps Edwina
 What I saw Is What It Is. 25 Years and still Counting.
I first set my eyes on you on Friday 31st July 1992 at 4:00 pm and 24 hours later, God said “that’s your wife”.
Whatever I saw you do in my first encounter with you, is what it has remained to be these many years.
  • You were taking care of  children to allow their parents to be ministered to.
  • You joined the intercession team for prayers.
  • You invited me to Room 102 for Dinner and when I got there, you had given my food to your course mates who were feeling free around you.
  • You were preparing some more food for me.
And There’s More…
  • You gave me your SSNIT loan for ministry.
  • You were Africa Hall Fellowship President.
  • You were an adorable leader on Campus.
It’s amazing to note that, for the last 25 years that falls on today, 5th November, you have consistently maintained a daily routine of waking up and reading your Bible and praying, without fail even when sometimes I struggled to do same.
Ps Elvis and Lady Ps Edwina 4
I must tell you on this occasion that I have admired how you could be an embodiment of many virtues.
  • How can you be such a strong character and yet remain this submissive.
  • You’re a great preacher but you never fight for the pulpit.
  • You have given everything you ever got in this life to make life easy for others but you have never lived with any sense of entitlement.
  • You have been so appreciative at every help given to you by others but you have never placed confidence in things.
  • You have always expressed your opinions in matters that concern you but you have never been disrespectful.

I feel I’m the most favored husband because I find in you all the attributes that many can only hope for:

  • Beautiful.
  • An amazing mother
  • A great cook.
  • An awesome cleaner
  • A Praying Warrior
  • A great Preacher
  • Very humble;
  • Never talked back to me for 25 years.
  • A giver
  • A Bible Reader
  • A Pastor
  • A Missionary
  • A Teacher
  • A home maker
Lady Ps Edwina and Family
Ps Elvis and Lady Ps Edwina 2
For 25 years, you handed me every paycheck you ever got, I can see why young men around us always pray for a wife like you.
You have discharged the duties of a wife of a Bishop with precision.
 I know that the grace that has sustained me in life and ministry is you, whom God brought into my life.
To live with me for 25 years without a single fight, must be deserving of a lifetime award.
It’s my  prayer on this 25th anniversary of our marriage, that for  all you have done for me and the souls I’m privileged to lead, God will bless you in this age and in the ages to come.
We will forever remain grateful to Rev Clement Anchabah who blessed us on that day.
Equally, we shall remain grateful to our families and friends whose constant support and encouragement has brought us this far.
Thanks to our Pastors, Dr Isaac Paintsil and Dr Mrs  Cynthia Paintsil whose obedience to the Call has given us even greater hope for the years to come.
Thanks to God for the privilege or raising and mentoring Elvis Jr, Ellis and Edwin, together for His Kingdom. We will always love them.
If it pleases the Lord to give us another 25 years, we shall dedicate those entire years to do ministry both at home and abroad by bringing people into relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.
I wish you a Happy Anniversary Edwina my love. ❤
Your Husband,

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  1. Abigail Nana Adwoa Boateng

    Awwwwww ♥️Daddy . That’s so touching. May God continue to bless your family and continue to knit you all together with divine cords that cannot be broken. Happy Anniversary mum &dad💕

  2. Lucill DeLoukkas

    Happy Anniversary to you Pastor Elvis and Rev. Edwina EbenBaffour. May the Lord continue to bless you till the second coming of Jesus-Christ. Love you!

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