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Developing a Heart for World Evangelism Pt. 3

Saving Jesus Campaigns-Developing a Heart for World Evangelism 3

Since the Lord has tasked believers with the message, we know He has a plan to accomplish it.
It involves three parts:

  • The Person of Jesus Christ
    He is the One who offered His life as a substitutionary atonement for our sins.
    By His divine authority, Jesus has commanded us to tell others about His offer of forgiveness.
  • The Power
    Knowing the job was beyond us, Jesus sent His Holy Spirit to live within believers, empowering and equipping them to carry out the task of witnessing to the world (Luke 24:49).
  • His Program
    Because God loves everyone on earth, He desires no place be left un-evangelized.
    The plan was set in motion with just twelve men who faithfully led thousands to salvation, and today, millions of people know Jesus as Lord.

What exactly does a missionary church look like?

  1. A church willing to fulfill the Great Commission;
  2. Has a vision for the world, not just its own city.
  3. Responds obediently by sending out missionaries.
  4. Clearly proclaims Christ’s message of redemption.
  5. Challenges those called by God to carry the message wherever He sends them.
  6. Supports those who are called to the mission field.

God’s plan is working.
All over the globe, people are being saved, churches are being established, and missionaries are being sent out.

As a believer, you have three possible choices today:

– You can enter the mission field across the street or around the world.
– Financially support those who go, or
– Pray without ceasing for them.

We all have essential roles to play, so ask the Lord how He wants you to be involved and He will direct you.

God bless you!

Evangelist Elvis Eben-Baffour
#Saving Jesus Campaigns

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