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Evangelist Elvis and Lady Pastor Edwina Eben Baffour of Saving Jesus Campaigns

“Can two walk together, except they be agreed?”
‭‭Amos‬ ‭3:3‬ ‭KJV‬‬

That day was Saturday 5th November, 1994 when the Reverend Clement Anchabah and Col. Blewu in the company of our families and friends aided us to say the famous “I do” at the Air-force Protestant Chapel in Takoradi.
Thank you to you all and those we had met on our paths for this 24 years of loving God and serving people.

We are eternally grateful that God gave us to each other.

What Lessons Have we learnt in 24 years?

1. It doesn’t take perfect people to succeed in marriage or in any relationship.

You don’t have to be perfect but you have to be sincere in admitting the strengths and weaknesses of each other.

2. Ask the Golden question, “am I ready to die for this person”?

If you can’t honestly say yes, then you ought to delay in entering into any such eternal relationship.

Please note, Dying for someone or taking a bullet for a spouse is not the same as taking a bullet from that person. Whatt it means is that, if an enemy aims a gun at your partner in life, can you cover them even at the peril of your life? It doesn’t mean you should turn into an enemy and point a gun at your partner.

King David defended King Saul and Israel but he ran from the javelin and spear of Saul, that would have been a foolish death, and God would have lost a great King and a faithful General.

We can take any bullet for each other but we can’t take bullets from each other because we have not been trained to shoot at each other.

3. Am I fully convinced about my partner or about 99% convinced.

Don’t marry yet, if you are not 100% convinced about that person.
Remember no one is perfect and none will be.
However you must be fully convinced that you are able to live with the imperfections of your partner for the rest of your life even if nothing changes.
If there is an iota of doubt, maybe 1% doubt in any area, you ought to tarry or delay that marriage.
The 1% deficiency has the potency to become 99% deficiency later in life.
There may come a time when you no longer see the original 99% positive reasons but the amplification of the 1% deficiency you ignored.

4. The theory of the temperaments.

We will not claim to have fully exhausted that subject in marriage but we have read very widely on it and we don’t find ourselves in any particular temperament.

We see our strengths run through all the major temperaments and as much as we have weaknesses, we don’t see ourselves in most of the weaknesses associated with the various temperaments.

The lesson here is that, refuse to be defined by Psychology.
Be real and authentic and at all times ask yourself whether God is pleased with you and your actions.

5. Learn to accept responsibility.

Be thankful to God for how He made you. When you are praised, accept the praises but quickly direct it to God. Bible says we should give all the glory to God. You can’t give what you don’t have.

If someone says, “ well done” respond “ thank you “ but quickly add “ it’s by the help of the almighty God”.

Equally, learn to say “I’m sorry” when you go wrong 100 times in a day.
It’s only when you accept your mistakes that you don’t repeat them.
When you defend your mistakes, you are likely to keep repeating them and that can sup strength from the relationship.

6. Let God be your guide in all your endeavors and never cease to recognize Him as a partner in all your relationships.

When you hurt your wife or husband or the people that God bring into your life, remember you are hurting God Himself. Don’t stump on God’s creations just to achieve your ambitions in life, disregarding what becomes of them. When you do that, it shows you don’t fear God and you will not always have your ways.

We have benefited from great friends and families from the days of University of Science and Technology through to the days of Glorious Assembly till where we stand today.

You can be sure we will mention you in our prayers today.
Thank you

Evangelist Elvis Eben-Baffour
#Saving Jesus Campaigns

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