3 Types of Pastors Eligible for Training at MTC:

  1. Independent Student Pastors:
    Such students plant and grow their own churches, bearing their own costs and taking full responsibility for their churches. MTC provides them evangelistic and administrative support in setting up systems and controls for church management.

    – You have Personal Responsibility for full cost of your training
    – Solely entitled to your vision and to run it as God directs you
    – You shall be welcomed to CCC’s network in any capacity, however you will make¬†all your decisions and accept full responsibility.
  2. CCC Student Pastors:
    These are students who plant their own CCC branch churches and assume full responsibility from the onset. These Pastors submit to the new church policy as pertained in Calvary Charismatic Centre.Responsibilities:
    – You will be required to to pay 50% of your training whilst the church supports with 50% scholarship.
    – After your training you will the opportunity and responsibility to locate a place where you believe God is directing you to do so. You shall be solely responsible for planting and bearing initital costs involved in the new church as well as make all decisions in accordance with the Calvary Charismatic Centre New Church Policy
  3. Accra Church Project Pastors:
    These are pastors who act as assistant pastors or surrogate pastors to Ps. Elvis Eben-Baffour in various places that he posts them. The ACP concept is a one church-in-different-locations under the auspices of Ps. Elvis to discover undiscovered terrains in Accra for Christ.Responsibilities:
    – All student pastors serving as surrogates under the CCC Accra Church Project enjoy 100% scholarship. Such pastors must sign an undertaking agreeing to serve at any designated CCC ACP branch church upon a satisfactory completion at MTC


Responsibilities of MTC

MTC is committed to training, motivating and inspiring all MTC students to reach their God-given dreams of planting and growing churches.