Tuesday June 20,2017

Saving Jesus Campaigns Trip to the Northern parts of Ghana.
21st to 30th June, 2017

We have few hours to embark on this trip and as you can imagine, the people up North are excited at our coming.

  • Thank you for the clothes you brought.
  • So far we have received too many large BAGS of clothing BUT they didn’t come with cash to transport them.
  • We didn’t get the food items to support the various camps and rallies either. After gathering hundreds of people from villages, at least we must feed them to walk back to their villages.

Please PRAY through and CONSIDER SUPPORTING portions of this trip. You may channel your checks through the church office, money transfer or through mobile money.

  • MTN 054 874 5608
  • TIGO 027-400-0054
  • Vodafone 0507-400-100

Sometimes many people receive messages like this, but YOU will be the ONLY ONE who will respond.

“You Philippians also know that in the early days, when I left the province of Macedonia to spread the Good News, you were the ONLY church to share your money with me. You gave me what I needed, and you received what I gave you. It’s not that I’m looking for a gift. The opposite is true. I’m looking for your resources to increase. My God will richly fill your every need in a glorious way through Christ Jesus.”
‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:15, 17, 19‬ ‭GW‬‬

Thank You for sharing in my burden to save some for Christ.

Evangelist Elvis Eben-Baffour

Wednesday June 21 / Thursday June 22

Setting off from Accra

Finally, the SJC team of 19people took off from Accra on Wednesday the 21st June 2017 for Missions in Northern Ghana.

Kumasi Stop-over

After travelling for 5hrs, we made a stop over in Kumasi where Evangelist Elvis Eben-Baffour ministered at 1st Fire conference meeting dubbed; “The cross, my Mandate” at the Christian village organized by Arrow Missions.
The people were really revived and encouraged to go all out to push the Gospel.

Enroute Wa

The team set off at 3am to Wa. By God’s grace, after travelling a total distance of 722.6km, we arrived at Wa, specifically Tibani and went right into revival with the CCC Tibani branch.

The conference currently on-going and updates coming soon…
#Evang. Elvis Eben-Baffour#

Day 1 in Wa – Thursday – June 22, 2017

This is where God first brought me as a Missionary, 25 years ago.
God aided me to plant churches and raise Pastors.

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-23 at 8.57.35 AM

I’m happy to meet people who were very old at the time and who are still alive today.
For Many of them, we can’t determine their ages. There’s nothing that can replace the joy of ministering in this Region.

May God grant you success and longevity as you have shown love to these ones.
I want to thank you for responding to my appeal for support.
Your obedience has helped us to begin this journey.
Thank you also for your prayer support.

Stay tuned for more…..

To support Saving Jesus Campaigns to the Upper West Region,

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  • MTN 054-874-5608
  • Money Transfer


Day 2 at Wa – Friday, 23rd June 2017

Pastors Conference at Jirapa

The team travelled to Jirapa (74.4km from Wa) to have a Pastors conference with all the Pastors and church leaders in Jirapa.
The conference started at 9am. The CCC missions Director addressed participants on policies and on how to embark on projects.
After a short break, Evangelist Elvis continued with another session, where he reminded participants that we have all been called to be Ambassadors of Christ. He said that as an ambassador of Christ, it is your responsibility to grant visas to Heaven by winning souls.
All were revived to win souls daily and champion the cause of Christ.

Media Team Visit to School

The media team also visited The Blessed Child Schools Complex at Jirapa. This school was started by Pastor Paul and his wife Pastor Aileen of CCC WA to provide basic education but lacks educational materials and facilities. They seek support from you.


The Blessed Child Schools Complex at Jirapa

Revival Service

Day two ended with a revival at CCC Wa.

There, the Evangelist Admonished members to eschew the love for material things and look up to God as their source. He said that his life has been based on a prophecy that God will send him to a far away land in Ghana to do ministry then to the US as well and will finally come back to consummate what He started in Ghana. It all came to pass. He added that members should be heavenly minded and give all their support in doing God’s work.


7pm – Evening Revival Service @ CCC Wa

The day was crowned with a revival service which started at 7pm, at the premises of CCC Wa. About 50 of the souls won earlier in the day, attended.

Evangelist Elvis Address

19399575_238187986695473_6374785627472288673_nEvangelist Elvis addressed the congregation and welcomed the new members. He assured the congregation at Wa increased visits and financial support. He re-emphasized the need for everyone to stand together with him and not to give up, and that the Glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former.
He thanked Pastor Paul and his wife, and other members of the church who stood with him in the beginning and are still with him.

Sermon by Pastor Julian


Pastor Julian, The Dean of Mission Training School (MTC) then preached to the congregation on the theme “Those who accuse you, are no more” from John 8:1-11.

8.30pm – Visit to Radio Upper-West


Evangelist Elvis later visited Radio Upper-West, 90.1MHz for a Christian program at 8:30pm. He shared the word of God, prayed and re-introduced the Church and himself to the community.


Day 3 at Wa (Saturday June 24, 2017)

7am – Mor

ning Evangelism

19424028_238185570029048_2545792667147833473_nThe Saving Jesus team together with members of CCC Wa, embarked on Evangelism at 7am in Wa.

A total number of 170 people gave their lives to Christ.

1pm – Afternoon Evangelism

19437675_238186343362304_1083476923873425089_nThe group then went to the market square at 1pm for another session of evangelism. Instruments were mounted and Evangelist Elvis ministered the salvation message to the people.

Day 4 at Wa (Sunday June 25, 2017)

By the Grace of God, it is day 4 in Wa.

Sunday Morning Service



A powerful service was held at CCC Glorious temple. The service begun at exactly 8am. Right from the beginning of the service, the presence of God was strong as the congregation was in ernest expectation of what God was going to do.

Word Ministration


Evangelist Elvis finally mounted the Pulpit and the entire congregation expressed utmost joy and excitement. The Evangelist almost immediately started declaring words of blessing and prophecies to the congregation passionately.

Off to Sunyani

The team then set off to Sunyani and arrived safely at about 8pm.

19437395_238727803308158_8041981243706289409_n Sunyani promises to be filled with another exciting experience of soul winning and doing the Father’s business. Keep praying with the team.


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Day 5 – Sunyani (Monday June 26, 2017) 


It’s day 5 already and the relentless campaign for souls goes on unabated. We safely arrived in Sunyani after traveling for about 6 hours, and it has been very fantastic.

Morning Evangelism

Day 5The team lunched right into the township and embarked on its first evangelism, to the glory of God 288 new souls were won for the kingdom of God through the joint efforts of the team and members of CCC Sunyani.
Keep praying for us as we depopulate hell.

Evening Service

Day 5 s

The evening was a fire and glory moment at CCC Sunyani, where the Evangelist Elvis ministered to the congregation. He shared his life story to encourage members to rely solely on God and to offer all their substances to promote the work of God.
The Evangelist then admonished members of CCC SUNYANI to unite, love and support their Pastor, Rev Roger Ohene-Frimpong, a man of prayer and word.
The evangelist remains eternally grateful to YOU for all your encouragement.
He couldn’t have been leading this team without your support.

Thank You.


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Day 6  (Sunyani – Day 3, Tues June 27, 2017)

Morning Evangelism

Day 6 tToday is the third day of the marvelous work our God begun in Sunyani township. Some members of the church and the team went into the community at 9:30 am to evangelise.
The joy of granting people visas to Heaven gave us strength which amounted to the saving of 267 people to the Kingdom of God. Glory be to God!

Evening Service

Day 6 s

The evening service was an awesome time in the presence of God.
Evangelist Elvis ministered to the congregation and made some profound statements that, the greatness of a church is not measured by it’s sitting capacity but rather it’s sending capacity. He added that any church that embarks on evangelism can never be empty. He continued by demonstrating how to plant one church in different locations.

Birthday Celebration for Mama Edwina

Day 6 bdayCCC Sunyani and the Saving Jesus Team surprised our mummy, Rev. Edwina Eben-Baffour, with a mega birthday celebration. We thank the almighty God for her life. Mummy we love you dearly.

Evangelist Elvis extends his appreciation to all who have supported with prayer and encouragments. He couldn’t have been leading this team without your support.

Thank You.


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Day 7  (Sunyani – Day 4, Wed June 28, 2017)

Right here in Sunyani, at the centre of the Brong-Ahafo region, we have been stupefied by the amazing things that God is doing. Today is unbelievably the 7th day of our mission journey and God has been extremely good. Though the weather was usually hot, the heat could not stop us.

Morning Evangelism

Day 7 - 1

We set out again to win more souls for Christ and we won 111 souls making it a total of 666 souls, excluding souls without contact, in just 4 days in Sunyani. redeemed from the kingdom of darkness and translated into the Kingdom of His Dear Son (Colossians 1:13).

Evening Service

Day 7 - j

The revival meetings went on in the evening as usual and it was full of fire works.

The Evangelist preached on why soul winning is a must and introduced the ‘multiplication methodology’, based on 2 Timothy 2:2, to the Church. This method shows how a church can have 1024 disciples not just members in 10 years should each purpose in his/her heart to win just one soul a year. We are all charged up to win one more for Jesus.

The Evangelist greatly appreciates your love and commitments to this great cause.

Thank You.