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Treasures of my Heart

Key Passage: Luke 2:15-20

What do you treasure?

Worldly people think primarily of fame, financial success, accomplishments, and valuable possessions. But these things are worthless compared to spiritual and emotional riches.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, knew what to value in life.

Two times Scripture mentions that she “treasured these things in her heart” (Luke 2:19, 51).

Although she didn’t completely understand all that happened concerning her son Jesus, she quietly reflected on the events of His early life, examining and enjoying them.

You and I should have treasures of the heart as well. These include things such as special moments, intimate relationships, spiritual victories, and other gifts from God.

By valuing what really matters in life, we become people of character and determination.

Marriage in Biblical Times

In the time of Christ, Jewish marriages were arranged.

The engagements were legally binding––only divorce or death could break them.

However, the couple would not have sexual relations until after the wedding.

Unfaithfulness during this period was considered adultery, punishable by stoning.

Even if the community didn’t kill an unmarried woman who became pregnant, that situation would bring shame on her and her family.

What events did Mary treasure?

A. The angel’s visit. Even knowing the disgrace she would experience, she gladly submitted to God’s will (Luke 1:35).

B. Elizabeth’s encouragement. (Luke 1:43). Her cousin’s support must have strengthened Mary as she faced the judgment of her parents, Joseph, and the rest of the village.

C. Joseph’s commitment. Once an angel visited him in a dream, he was willing to marry her instead of quietly divorcing her (Matt. 1:18-25).

D. Jesus’ birth. I am sure Mary and Joseph treasured those first moments after Jesus was born (Luke 2:1-7).

E. The reactions of Simeon and Anna. Luke 2:25-38 describes the response of two godly people––Simeon and Anna––to baby Jesus.

F. The visit of the wise men. Mary must have treasured the wise men’s worship of Jesus and the valuable gifts they presented to Him (Matt. 2:1-11).

G. Her baby’s miraculous escape from death. An angel warned Joseph to take his family to Egypt, so Jesus was spared from Herod’s slaughter of all infants in the area (Matt. 2:13-15).

H. Jesus’ strange response to Mary’s rebuke. When Mary reproached Jesus for staying behind in the temple, He responded, “Did you not know I had to be in My Father’s house?” (Luke 2:49).

Neither Mary nor Joseph understood Jesus’ question, but Mary wondered at its significance (Luke 2:51).

What concepts did Mary treasure?

A. She gave birth to the Son of God. From her womb came a child who looked like any other, but was divine.

B. Her Son would be her Savior.

C. She had to exchange her parental authority for His divine authority.

D. She gave Jesus physical life; He gave her eternal life.

Although she had brought Him into the world, He had the power to save Mary from her sins and to prepare a place in heaven for her (John 14:2).

V. What should you treasure?

A. People: Special people include spouses, grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, and close friends.

B. Possessions: Sentimental or hard-earned possessions have a unique place in our hearts.

C. Promises: The Scriptures are full of God’s promises. You should also treasure certain commitments you’ve made, such as your marriage vows.

D. Places: Natural or man-made settings can take on particular significance and become a part of who we are.

E. Periods of blessing: You may look back with pleasure on getting married, having a child, or building a business.

Special moments playing with your kids or fellowshipping with God fall into this category.

F. Periods of adversity: Bad times can become treasures, because they often reveal God’s faithfulness, mature us spiritually, and help us relate to others who suffer.

G. Privilege of Being a Soul Winner: This is the greatest thing to treasure but you will never know it’s fullest impact until you start doing it. God will Honour you both here and in eternity.


What do you treasure in life?

I suggest that you make a list of the things you value. Start with the fact that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Then list the other blessings God has given to you.

What you value––and therefore think about––largely determines the type of person you become.

So let your treasures be ones that have eternal significance.

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