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Mission Training Centre (MTC)

The purposes of the MTC are training, equipping and inspiring interested individuals desiring to serve as church lay workers, pastors, church leaders in their local churches.

Mission oriented members of both the Christ’s Oasis Ministries International family and other churches will have the opportunity to gain both the spiritual and intellectual knowledge in Church Planting and Church Management undertakings.


The purpose of the MTC is to train, equip and inspire ministers of grace and raising seasoned model of Christ and bearers of The Great Commission as found in Matt 28:16-20.


  • The centre is aimed at influencing the 21st Century Generation with God’s word through the enabling of the Holy Spirit. We seek to do this by appreciating what our forebears have bequeathed to us through their obedience to God’s word and also by appropriating the Word of God.
  • MTC seeks to take the Bible and make it practical and accessible to all manner of persons by training, coaching, and equipping the new generation of Pastors, Evangelists and other Ministers of God who would take the Gospel to the ends of the world.
  • The centre also aims to aid students in planing, naturing and growing churches as part of our commitment to The Great Commission.
  • The program will involve classroom teaching, practical sessions, seminars and field trips.

Responsibility of MTC Independent Student Pastors

  • As and independent Student Pastor, you will be personally responsible for the full cost of your training. These entails:
    • Paying your tuition fee
    • training materials
    • residential facilities
    • transport facilities
  • You are solely entitled to your vision and to run it as God directs you.
  • You will be welcomed to network with Christ’s Oasis Ministries International in any capacity but you will make all your decisions and accept all responsibilities.

Responsibilities of MTC

  • MTC is committed in training, motivating and inspiring all MTC students to reach their God-given dreams of church planting and church management.

2019/20 Academic Year

A one year, 60 credit hours diploma program in spiritual knowledge empowerment for Church Planting and Church Management.

The year is divided into four quarters with the first two months of each quarter designated for classroom work, and seminars and the third month for practical activities relating to the taught courses.

Program Purpose

The program is designed purposely with the diploma of church planting and management in mind. The 60 credit hour program is built to offer students’s knowledge and experience in church planting and church management trends. Students coming our of the program are prepared to venture and start their journey of planting, sustaining and growing a church project from the scratch in every environment.

Program Objectives

The module objective of the entire program is designed to offer:

  • spiritual knowledge bas ideas where student would utilise acquired information;
  • skill oriented in nature in which students would have the opportunity to apply the skills gained practically and finally student attitudes where student’s individual personalities would be defined in perspective and reflect their spiritual, social, and intellectual orientations.